Policies and Fees

Signature Music Studio  2020 – 2021 Policies

Music lessons are presently available in piano, voice, guitar, and violin and flute.  Lessons may be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length, depending on the level of the student and the arrangement with the instructor.

Registration forms are available online only through the Signature Music School website.  Forms should be completed as early as possible.  Students attending Steinbach Bible College must register no later than September 15th to receive college credit.

Lesson schedules are arranged by the instructors by the second week of each semester.  Students will be notified by email, text or by phone.

Students attending Steinbach Bible College have the option to take lessons per semester; otherwise it is assumed the student will have lessons through both semesters of the school year.  Other options may be available by special arrangement with the instructor.

Lessons cancelled on reasonable notice due to illness, lessons cancelled by the instructor, and lessons falling on a holiday will be made up at a time mutually convenient for the instructor and the student.  Lessons missed without proper arrangements will be forfeited.  Reasonable notice is 24 hours by email, text or phone.

Parents are encouraged to contact the student’s instructor to discuss the student’s progress or SMS policies if questions arise.

Following registration, students will receive an invoice for tuition and fees for lessons.
The invoice includes a non-refundable 5% administration fee.
Online payment is preferred.  Cheques will be accepted if online payment is not possible.
Payment for the entire semester is due at the beginning of the semester.
If payment is made by the 15th of the month the semester begins, the tuition fees will be lower.
If tuition has not been paid, the teacher has the option of discontinuing lessons.

Steinbach Bible College students, please note that music lesson tuition is not a part of your college tuition fees.  You must pay Signature Music Studio directly for music lessons.

A pro-rated refund of tuition is available if the student withdraws prior to the third lesson of the semester.

2020-2021 TUITION FEES (Costs per semester):
               Please note that each teacher charges their own individual fee and also choose how many lessons to teach Steinbach Christian School and Community Students.
2020-2021 fees will be posted at a later date.


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